Monday, December 16, 2013


Ribeiros don't just come in Xandes and Saulos.  And, that what you'll take home after watching this dope interview/mini movie about one of the all time greats, Leticia Ribeiro. 

If you don't know, she's a 5X World Champ and an instructor (Gracie Humaita).  And, yeah.  She's a she.  A female.  A woman.  And, that's badass.

We're the first to admit that female athletes in BJJ are largely overshadowed by males.  There are truthfully, a lot more men in the sport/martial art and that is a big factor.  But, many women have worked as hard as (or harder than) men to excel and perfect the art.  Excluding the exceptional massive and powerful Gabi [no last name necessary], female athletes typically are smaller-framed and less powerful than males, so they truly have to perfect the art - utilizing all the principles of leverage and the marriage of gravity designed for the smaller combatant.  And, that's what the Grand Master had in mind, right?

Go Jits Mag for another great piece and thanks to Leticia for being the pioneer and talent that she is.  (And, look at us, we didn't even say anything sarcastic throughout this entire post.)

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