Thursday, December 12, 2013


On a daily basis we are inspired and influenced by everything around us. That can include our environment, personal interactions and the choices of others. While many things influence us, following blindly or being known as a follower and emulating others is not a admirable attribute. For example Bruce Jenner re-aranging his face to look like his ex-wife (or Skelator).

Not cool.

On occasion there are exceptions though. Most of us learn by watching and repeating and then creating an association with something we are already familiar with. It's human nature. Take a look at your own mat game and I'm sure you have been thoroughly influenced by your instructor or by a grappler you greatly admire. The point being that emulating is not creating, to create you must somehow and someway be unique by adding your own infuences. Basically think beyond just your gi or no-gi training and see what the world has to offer. In today's case, it's an influence from Catch Wrestling that BJJ Black Belt Misty Shearer demonstrates. Misty is a very accomplished martial artist and competitor and probably one of the few female Black Belts in Edmonton, Canada. Today she puts her martial knowledge to work as shows us a little Catch Wrestling inspired approach to the all-to-familiar BJJ Americana (otherwise know as the DTWL in CACC.)

So think out of the box and develop your own path and style like Misty and hopefully you won't wind up like Mr. Jenner or his poor excuses for humans known as his step kids.

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