Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Typically we are lighthearted, we love making fun of white belts, Eddie Bravo fanboys and mindless disciples of the Gracie's. Today we take a more serious approach in honoring the lives of two grapplers that left us this week, Mae Young and Mauricio Zingano.

Mauricio Zingano owned Zingano BJJ in Colorado and was non-other than husband and coach to UFC title contender Cat Zingano. Mauricio had three pro MMA fights and he was a third degree BJJ Blackbelt under Carlos 'Caique' Elias. He and Cat Zingano were married three years ago and many credit him with both her success and in helping spread BJJ throughout Colorado area. Many have speculated about details of his passing, but as of now no confirmed statement has been released.

Mae Young was a Hall of Fame Professional Wrestler in the WWE and is by far the most influential female wrestlers ever. Mae passed yesterday at the age of 90. She is the only wrestler ever to compete in 8 different decades. Her career started at the tender age of 15 and she continued to wrestle up until her 2010 retirement. She grappled along side legends of the Pro Wrestling world (including Ed Lewis) and she will go down in grappling history as a legend herself.

Train hard, train smart, and make the most of every day!


  1. Very nice tribute. I remember her from watching WWE in my teenage years. She has definitely done some amazing stuff.

  2. Mae was trained by Lewis and was a tough lady, according to guys like Billy Wicks.


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