Thursday, January 2, 2014


Neither DSTRYR/SG or its subsidiaries and affiliates are associated with Ronda Rousey or the UFC.  DSTRYR/SG does not own or purport to own this image or to be an official licensor of Ms. Rousey's likeness or image.  This is all merely a quasi-tasteless attempt at satire/humor.  Please don't sue us; we have no money. Photo by Stephan Würth.
It's a well documented and statistically proven fact that saying the words "Ronda Rousey" and/or writing them down in your silly BJJ website post a bunch of times increases your popularity and attractiveness by 27.5% (+/- .325%).  It's just science, OK?  And, we know this, so ... Ronda Rousey.

And, speaking of Ronda Rousey, #rondarousey, we all saw what you saw on December 28 at UFC 168 - another badass performance by the #1 female MMA fighter in the UFC.  The moral of the story is pretty simple and has already been said: you don't go to battle against an Olympic Judo medalist with double leg take downs unless your sh*t is world class.  It wasn't and it ended poorly for Tate, again.

Anyway, Ronda and Rousey.  We're not sure, nor do we care much, if and why Rousey is no longer training with Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens, but they made a very clear and technically sound video demo'ing the method of escape from her infamous armbar setup.  Go figure.  And, thanks to Stephan Kesting for posting this.  

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  1. I would hazard a guess that she isn't training with them anymore becuase her focus is no longer judo, but MMA. In the beginning of the video, it says "from the guys that taught it [the armbar] to her!" -- I expected a video of her mom, based on all the stories. #rondarousey


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