Monday, January 20, 2014


It's not often we get to see footage of traditional catch wrestling, so when we do, we are ecstatic.

Just over a month ago the legendary Snake Pit England held their Snake Pit International Week 2013. Roy and Andrea Wood have been going strong over the last few years to lead the revival in the catch as catch can style in it's motherland, the UK. Roy Wood trained at the original Snake Pit in Wigan England along side some of the best grapplers known to man. The original was run by Billy Riley and he taught the best of the best, including Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch. We were excited to come across this match that is chock full of front head locks, three-quarter nelsons and and very fast finish. Hopefully the Wood family will continue their stronghold on the style and continue spreading knowledge world wide. In the meantime enjoy the vid!

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