Monday, February 10, 2014


You know that guy you train with who likes to post cute little berimbolo meme's like this on his Facebook wall thingy?

or this:

That guy.  He's the guy that tells everyone he's old school and can kick ass with the basics.  He might mention Rickson Gracie in the process and give Kron as his example.  That guy needs to watch Rafa and Gui Mendes shred the competition using b-bolo based attacks.  I'm actually not much of a berimbolista myself.  Maybe I'm not bendy enough or I just haven't focused enough.  But, it's by no means a technique to trifle with and it's not going to fade away.  Anyway, these guys are incredible to watch.  Every movement appears to be well-planned and meaningful.  And, they're not at all hesitant to go for submissions, all of which are tried and true meat n' potatoes subs (e.g., bow & arrow chokes and cross collar baseball chokes).

Side note:  You could remark that the competition at the IBJJF SF Open  is not on par with the competition for Pan or Worlds.  And, that might be true.  But, in our opinion, it doesn't take anything away from the great performances by these badasses.

Oh yeah. And, Keenan Cornelius is looking unstoppable.

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