Tuesday, February 11, 2014


If your suffering from combat withdraw due to the lack of violent sports in the winter Olympics, we are here to save you. Save the applause for those maintenance men hard at work in Sochi. Today we give you a very special treat indeed - Judo Newaza. It little used in high level matches and over the years the sport has evolved to a point where submissions are rarity. Recently the Paris Judo Grand Slam took place and we have one of the most interesting matches here for you today. In the Bronze Medal match at -66kg we have Shikhalizada Nijat of Azerbaijan versus Korval Loic of France. The match is fairly even until Korval decides he wants to work his Magic on the mat which leads to a very interesting yet very nasty triangle that has an added hamstring rip to go with it. Check out some amazing ground work and one of the best submissions we have seen in a long time.

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