Monday, February 24, 2014


How did you get your start in Judo and then BJJ?
I started in judo when I was 13. In Hawaii, there are high school judo teams, just like there are baseball, basketball, and soccer teams. My older brother got me started and I guess I was a natural. I won everything there was to win in Hawaii so the next step was to hit the national stage. I enrolled at San Jose State University, the top collegiate judo program in the country, and devoted my life to judo. When I first joined the team I would cry and get absolutely demolished, but I stuck with it and eventually made Team Captain my Sophomore year. I traveled the globe fighting and training on an International level and my teammates excelled too. It was a grueling but humbling experience that I'll never forget. It was so worth it!

I started jiu jitsu late in my judo career as a compliment to my judo tachiwaza. I've always loved newaza so when I heard about Prof. Dave Camarillo, who was at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA. at the time, and how'd he open his doors to SJSU judoka, I was intrigued. I would practice there on and off. After the 2008 Olympic Judo Trials, I found Prof. Mike Prudencio, a close friend of Dave's, teaching at One World Jiu Jitsu in Union City, CA. and got my first taste of the jiu jitsu lifestyle. I was hooked and earned my Blue belt there. I eventually moved to Portland, OR. to open up a judo dojo and I'm currently working towards my Black belt under Prof. Caio Terra. 

What inspired you to open your shop?
I opened Dojo Outfitters for two reasons. First, it's always been a life long dream of mine to open a retail shop. There was something so exciting about the pressure of everything coming down to you and only you. If the ship sinks, it's your fault. But if the ship sails, you're the captain. I've always been drawn to that aspect.

Secondly, judo and jiu jitsu is pretty much the only things I do. I don't play video games. I don't own a TV. I don't own any pets. People talk about loving these two martial arts and I can relate to what they are saying. I wanted to open a location where I could meet like minded individuals like myself, people who really love judo and jiu jitsu. It's been such an amazing experience  to meet people whose lives were literally changed through martial arts. Maybe they met their wife or husband while at judo or lost a ton of weight through jiu jitsu. It's stories like these that I'm in search of and I'm so fortunate to meet people like this everyday while at the shop.

If you could change anything about or within the sport of Judo/BJJ, what would it be?
If I could change anything about sport judo I would definitely bring back the Kata Guruma! That fireman's carry was my absolute favorite throw and I haven't won a match since they banned it. If I could change anything about sport jiu jitsu it would be to deregulate patch legality. If I want to sport a giant DSTRYRsg patch that runs through the illegal areas on my gi I should be able to! Is there a petition we could start?

What do you see as the future for Judo/BJJ/Sub Grappling?
As far as the future of judo/jiu jitsu/sub grappling, I think the sky is the limit. Look at someone like Ronda Rousey who is bringing judo front and center. I was in a bar watching her most recent fight and people were yelling "Ippon!" every time she threw her opponent. I mean, if you're a judoka in America, you know that that's a big deal. Jiu jitsu and submission grappling is exploding too. With special events like Metamoris and ADCC, they are constantly bring the most exciting fights to the people. 

How much time do you dedicate to training Judo vs BJJ vs NoGi Sub Grappling?
I dedicate a huge amount of my time to judo and jiu jitsu. Outside of running Dojo Outfitters I also own a judo dojo where I teach both judo and jiu jitsu. I have the best students ever! Personally, I'm currently working on my jiu jitsu Black belt, so I dedicate the majority of my own training time towards that. I still train judo two to three times a week.  

Closed Guard, Open Guard or Fancy Guard?
Half Guard all the way, that Full Guard stuff is for the birds. 

Fauxhawk, Mohawk, Mullet or Fabio?
I've recently come off a 1.5 year stint of not cutting my hair at all. It started off as a personal challenge and snowballed in to a year and a half of unregulated hair growth. It was wild! I recently cut it off and donated it to Children with Hair Loss, a nonprofit organization that makes wigs for kids. Currently sporting a semi-faux. 

Fight/Board Shorts, Vale Tudo Shorts, or Spats (i.e., tights)?
You can usually find me in a pair of Dickies, but I like to wear fight shorts around the dojo and in the gym. I love to eat heavy and squat heavy, so elastic waist bands are a must.

Triangle, RNC, Armbar or Other?  If other than triangle, please explain.
I love shimewaza techniques. Right now I'm all about collar chokes from mount and back.

What Animal Best Defines You as a Grappler (e.g., I am like a snail.  I am slow and get smashed a lot)?  Note:  Answering with Fictional Animals (e.g., Unicorns, Sasquatch) Not Permitted.
What animal best describes me as a grappler? I love to smash, apply pressure, and listen to Ice Cube, so I have to say Anaconda. Jennifer Lopez was pretty good in that movie too. 

Favorite Gracie?  If other than Rickson, please explain.
Favorite Gracie? Masahiko Kimura. 

We would like to thank Andy Hung for taking time out of his busy day to answer some of our ridiculous questions. Please check him out on Instagram: @dojooutfitters and Currently Andy is taking some online orders but he will be launching an online shop very soon. 


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