Thursday, February 13, 2014


Shootboxing is a very unique style of Japanese kickboxing that has it's roots in mixed striking arts and submission grappling. One famous practitioner many of you might be familiar with is K-1 legend, Andy Souwer. For those of you who don't watch Shootboxing the next closest art might be Chinese Sanda/SanShou, which allows striking mixed with throws and takedowns. The most famous product of Sanda would be UFC veteran Cung Le. The difference being that Shootboxing allows you to work your feet, hands, use throws locks and chokes in the upright position. All standing submissions are allowed and it is often called Standing Vale Tudo. Standing submissions with gloves on is tricky enough as it is, but surprisingly the entry into clinching is a step away from a throw or a submission. For a quick recap of what Shootboxing entails, take a look here.

Now, onto the grappling! Today, 5th Dan, Valera Zotov of Shootboxing Studio in Russia shows us a very nasty lockflow that can be used in submission grappling or mma. He flows from a takedown counter, to a crucifix, and finally into a shoulder lock.


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