Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Unfortunately we must start of this post on a sad note we lost another legendary grappler yesterday, Billy Robinson. Billy was one of a handful of original members from the Snake Pit Wigan. He is a renowned Pro and catch wrestler that spread his teaching around the world with the hope to revive the almost extinct art of Catch-as-catch-can wrestling. He is responsible for teaching countless pro wrestlers and his impact can be felt in modern MMA as well. He along with Karl Gotch are accredited for bringing the catch style to Japan which spawned some of the first MMA events we have ever seen (and yes, they predate UFC.) Billy is most well known for coaching The Gracie Killer, non-other than Kazushi Sakuraba himself. We at DSTRYRsg are saddened, but I for one, am honored that I had the opportunity to train with him. His legendary status and skill will live on forever in the hearts and minds of pro and catch wrestling fans alike.

In honor of Billy and CACC, today we bring you a catch move that is unknown to most grapplers. Take a look at Phuket Top Team's Ruthless Rob Lisita's bulldog choke. Now, some of you may think this is a fancy move with a low percentage finish, but others may argue that. It has been used for centuries by catch wrestlers and Ruthless Rob shows us the finer details of this unique choke along with some competition footage of it in use.

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  1. RIP Billy Robinson. Erik Paulson teaches this choke too.


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