Thursday, March 27, 2014


Why should you shell out $20 of your parent's hard earned cash to watch the live stream of Metamoris 3?  We thought of 5 sincere and 100% legit reason to do this.  We also made it in graphic form for those who read poorly and/or have low attention spans (and/or are 8 years old or younger).

You definitely need to tune in to watch this event, and here are 5 great reasons:

NUMBER ONE: DECISIVE MATCH-UPS (a/k/a "THE SUBS").  There's no jockeying for position while time runs out, or bullshit advantages, or team honored division closeouts or stalling.  The rules of M3 are designed to pressure the athletes to go for submissions - 20 minute time limits and no points.  It's true, that the athletes need to participate (e.g., the Brendan Schaub Incident from M2), but this is about as far as you can push it.

NUMBER TWO: AS A SHOW OF SUPPORT (a/k/a for "THE CAUSE").  Why should you care if events like this succeed or fail?  For the very reason you love Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling.  Ours is a young sport, especially as a spectator sport.  Events that elevate it and present it to the world on a grand stage on par with other top tier professional sporting events are critical for BJJ to continue to grow and thrive. 

NUMBER 3:  THE MENDES BROTHERS.  News flash - these guys are the best in the world.  I'd dare say Rafa Mendes is pound-for-pound the very best (or at least top three) among all weight divisions.  More importantly, these guys are the style makers of this era of BJJ.  They took the De la Riva guard and made the berimbolo movement their staple, go-to technique.  And, that's influenced a whole generation of grapplers, young and old.  Watching them compete in an even like this is a gift from the grappling gods.

NUMBER 4: EDDIE BRAVO VS. ROYLER GRACIE - THE REMATCH. I've heard some talk on the mats among the grappling masses downplaying this match as insignificant.  And, I couldn't disagree more.  Are these two the best grapplers in the world right now?  Of course not.  Neither is in their prime, but that's not the point.  Their significance and the importance of their 2003 ADCC match is real.  Back then, Royler represented the status quo in BJJ and Eddie, the unorthodox offspring of the Machado school of BJJ.  His victory shocked the tiny BJJ community.  Since then, Eddie's persona and unique style of submission grappling have grown in popularity.  This rematch still means something to many of us.  And, Bravo's and Gracie's styles truly clash, which leads us to #5 (below).

NUMBER 5:  THE MATCHMAKING (a/k/a THE STYLE CLASHES).  In the world of the IBJJF, you just don't see a lot of clashes of styles.  Sure there are the Leandro Lo vs. Andre Galvao-type matches, but those rank pretty low in terms of true clashes of style.  Metamoris, from day one, sought to make matches that evoked drama and conflict (in the best sense of the word) in order to entertain spectators.  M3 promises the same - new school vs old school (Cornelius vs. Magalhaes), orthodox vs. unorthodox (Gracie vs. Bravo), omoplata vs. berimbolo (Clark vs. Rafa) [and, we're joking].  We could go on.

OK.  That about does it.  Buy the live stream, enjoy some awesome grappling and support an event that we all need to succeed.  Go HERE.

Side note:  If you're asking if we are "shilling" for Metamoris, the answer is nope.  We don't benefit from praising Metamoris.  We're just really f*cking cool and we dream of a day when BJJ and the grappling arts capture of the hearts and minds of all people.  Until that day comes, we keep training and choking out our friends and teammates and we enjoy watching others do the same.

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