Friday, March 14, 2014


We've expressed many times our deep love and appreciation for videos of world class and notable grapplers rolling inside their respective academies, away from the spotlight of the competition mats.  There something much purer and more educational for the viewer. I think it's because the videos show the respective subjects simply putting in the time, as you and I do day in and day out, to perfect their craft and get better at Jiu Jitsu. We can all relate to that.  Another reason is that the subjects are clearly much more relaxed and less anxious and frenetic than they are in competition.  That results in better flows and a clearer view of their games and tactics. 

Eddie Bravo has been training hardcore, I'm told, with his mentor (I believe) and coach, Jean Jacques Machado in preparation for his rematch with Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3.  Check out this awesome roll from last year.


  1. Hands up! Who's excited for Metamoris?!

  2. Not even remotely impressed with Bravo. He spends the entire match merely holding on and trying to sit up. Every time he attempts to improve his position, JJM turns him back over. Bravo seems to have no sense of the fundamental elements which comprise basic jiujitsu, especially the concept of base. He's quite good, however, at holding on to you with his legs. Once JJM gets past this little obstacle, he promptly mounts and submits him, and, Bravo is helpless to escape or defend the death blow. This is what jiujitsu has become- an ignorance of all things fundamental and a commitment to flashy personalities who promote drug use and fancy, temporal moves. Should be an easy win for Royler.

    1. Interesting point of you, Anonymous. Eddie has been around for a very long time. I've only rolled with him once and that was probably 13 years ago. That being said, I'd say he probably has a very strong knowledge of fundamentals, although he may be highly specialized to a certain style.

    2. It's called the lock down. It's a basic fundamental sweep and he used it to sweep JJM twice in 4 minutes. You obviously just don't know what he's doing. Which is ironic cause you're complaining that he doesn't know fundamentals...

      Anyway, JJM disagrees with you massively as he's given Eddie his Black Belt and all subsequent 3 stripes. burn... If you're gonna come on here and say a 3rd degree JJM black belt doesnt know fundamentals you better have some unbelievable ammo and know what a lock down is.

  3. Just stopping back to remind you how wrong you were and how right I was. ahhhhh it's like bathing in angel tears. It feels so good. How's them lock down basics now.

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