Thursday, March 6, 2014


We have all had those times on the mat where you bread and butter game just isn't working. Some succumb to the pressures and abandon their game, others move to the next most comfortable place. The places that I have grow to love are often between techniques or systems, the nether regions between guards that are often used for scrambles. Within these areas you can creatively add and subtract both techniques and styles to help your game and stifle your opponent. The in-between or the hybrid versions are not only unorthodox, but allow for the greatest freedom of techniques and possibilities for sweeps and submissions.

Today is one of those days where GSB BJJ Black Belt, Takuto Kako, will combine half guard with the lasso (usually found in spider guard) to create a very hard to stop sweep. Kako is a high level Black Belt known for his creativity and recently put up a valiant effort against one half of the Meowing Brothers.

Now watch and learn grapplers!

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