Tuesday, March 25, 2014


After years of training and thousands of hours in mat time, finding or creating new moves can be a difficult task. What makes learning and training so much fun is the manner in which you combine techniques or moves - they can create an almost endless amount of variations and combinations. It's all up to interpretation, and sometimes the rules dictate the attack. My go to analogy in describing this phenomenon is when two people have different accounts of the same book or movie. While both people read the same words, each of them often have completely different perspectives on the same topic. The same goes for grappling and martial arts. Harnessing those differences creates a melting pot of grappling goodness and creativity that can span across sports.

 One art that has always adapted and incorporated other styles is Brazilian Luta Livre. In that spirit we give you the video below. Learn this sneaky triangle setup from back control, brought to us by Luta Livre TFT MMA. Watch, learn, practice and maybe we will see some crazy ass moves happen during this weekends Metamoris 3!


  1. mmmmhhh...... good to see but i can't see a high % of success ...

  2. ^ well then go watch some videos on how to do a basic triangle choke and come back to DSTRYRsg when you're ready. :P


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