Friday, April 4, 2014


People are still talking about this - if the Metamoris 3 can't popularize submission grappling, I don't know what will. Whether you loved the event or hated it or if your a Gracie or Bravo fanboy, the headlining match will make for one of the best grappling matches of the year.

Many thought the first match was a fluke when Eddie submitted Royler, but the rematch answered a lot of questions.

Lets start off by saying much respect to both men, both of which are in their 40's, maybe past their prime, and legendary in there own ways. For Eddie there didn't seem like there was much he couldn't do throughout the match. While nothing came easy to him, he found the positions he wanted to and moved to them time and time again. Many of you may think of his system as silly or not meant for the average person, but much like the De la Riva game, it starts from the basics. Both Bravo and DLR have incredible half guards that they use in order to transition into their favored positions, that maybe he the DLR hooks, or for Eddie the Lockdown or rubber guard. If you think about it, it's not very complicated at all. Throughout the fight Eddie used simple grappling, trapping, and off balancing to find submission attempts. The fanciest technique he pulled off was his patented twister roll, which in this case landed him in the opposite position of the Truck, affectionally known as the Vaporiszer. Again, while the roll may be fancy or unorthodox, the technique is found in Catch Wrestling as a toe hold to turn your opponent or submit him and in Sambo for the calf crank or turn. Both arts which Eddie borrowed heavily from. For those of you in doubt of that, read his books closely or check out version 1.0 of his system named "Dark Planet Catch." Also for you fancy guard players, the roll employed by Eddie is almost identical to the berimbolo nuff said.

Now on to Royler. What can I say, the man is legendary, and for the most part, pretty respectful (at least in public) to his competitor. Royler seemed happy to take the top position when Eddie pulled half guard and he immediately went with his patented cross knee slide. Royler is known for this particular pass as well as his ability to create an immense amount of pressure on opponents, especially once he gets an underhook. He did just that after fighting for several minutes with Eddie's left arm. Royler smashed, and squeezed and - that's about it. What was disappointing was Royler never really tried anything else, he never sat back and tried a different pass, he never dropped his hip to the mat or even took the risk of backstepping to attack the knee or reverse mount. Even his sweeps seemed dull - Eddie almost seemed content to give up position in a few places just to get back to where he was and reset. After listening to the Rogan/Bravo breakdown below, it seems that he did just that. He gave up position to reset himself either in a better position or to restart in the lockdown since he knew Royler couldn't beat it. Now, some of you may be doubting that, which I might as well, but you do have to agree some of Royler's sweeps were far from being authoritative and most ended in a recounter.

Overall this fight was great, I would have loved to see Eddie go for the kill and be a little more vicious in finishing his submissions, but it is what it is. On Royler's part, I wish he would have did more than just trying one pass and sit statically, waiting for something to happen. We do give him all the props in the world for being incredibly tough and having a huge heart to continue through several devastating sub attempts. On that note, he survived all the sub attempts by grabbing the pants. Imagine if Eddie had not agreed to those rules. He most likely would have finished the 100% neck crank and definitely would have finished the Vaporizer crank/toehold/knee ripper.

So in the end we leave it up to you to make your own decision on each man and how they fought. We also want you to check out several versions and point of views on Metamoris 3. We kick it off with the Gracie Breakdown Propaganda Machine, then to the Rogan/Eddie podcast interview and finally we top it off with a breakdown from OI Ranga.


  1. Love the breakdown Demolisher. You should do these more often on notable matches.

  2. Darkplanet was a goof. Kind of misrepresents Eddie as hes a Machado guy and never really did catch wrestling. Eddie was not serious and the site is satirical.


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