Thursday, April 24, 2014


Over the last few years Sambo has had a resurgence, partially from some very hard working people that love the sport, and also with the increase of Russian MMA fighters with Sambo backgrounds.

Some could also argue that Sambo, particularly outside the US, is a breading ground for fighters - those who decide to stay within sport grappling and those that make their way up the fight ladder with combat sambo (similar to our amateur MMA) and eventually professional mixed martial arts. This evolution has taken place with the debuts of several hard nosed Russian’s dominating the competition in both Bellator and the UFC. They bring an unprecedented speed and intensity with the ability to control where the fight goes, and typically that means slugging it out or controlling on top. While they may fight similar to an American wrestler, they are the anthesis of a slow crawl that you would see with a Ben Askrin or John Fitch.

So today's topic of choice is just that, the Sambo Par terre, otherwise know as the top game. To make it even simpler and eliminate the need to delineate styles, Vadim calls what he does wrestling. Even though it's a Russian style of wrestling - variations exist between Sambo, BJJ, CACC, Judo and LL, at their core - they are all extremely similar.

So, who is this Vadim guy? Vadim Kolganov, is a Sambo Master of Sport, RKC Instructor and Multiple time Sambo Champion based out of the UK. In this video he shows us some sweet moves from the Par terre, which includes some movement drills, an escape and submission from a cross hold, a shoulder lock from north/south. So pay attention and leave your power bottom at home, it's time for Par Terre.


  1. I am becoming more and more interested in Sambo. It's effectiveness in MMA is becoming loud and clear.

  2. I've been lucky to get sambo training to supplement my BJJ. Even though I'm at a fairly low level it's been super useful for competition. Helped me win a gold at the Pans last year.

  3. Great to hear guys! Sambo and other CACC influenced arts are all a great addition to BJJ and MMA


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