Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Usually we are right on top of grappling news and events, but we are still in shock from the shear awesomeness of this weekends grappling, we needed a full day to recover. The much anticipated Metamoris 3 re-match with Royler v Bravo took the cake. If you missed it, maybe you can find it on Youtube, it was 24 minutes of back and forth sweeps and sub attempts. In our opinion Eddie unanimously took the victory, with his countless sweeps and several very close submissions, but in the end the decision was a draw. A quick recap of the event: everything was of course overshadowed by the headliner.

Gui Mendes finishes Samir via baseball bat choke
Raf Mendes draws with Clark Gracie - Raf took it to Clark the entire match and Clark was on the defensive.
Lister v Sobral ends in a draw- with lots of anticipation for an all-out heavyweight battle - nothing much happend
Zak Maxwell and Sean Roberts draw - a decent back and forth match pinning knee slides versus crazy flexibility.
Keenan inside heel hooks Casey - Casey was a last minute fill-in for Vinny Magalhaes who had a staph infection. Kennan easily took the heel hook half way through the match.

Overall, Metamoris 3 was a great card that ended with some controversy. Back stage after the fights Royce Gracie appeared in order to confront Mr. Bravo and this is what occurred according to Eddie:
"After that match, after I got onstage, I was giving it up to the Gracies like I always have. I've always been super respectful of the Gracies. As a matter of fact, in my first book which came out in 2005, in the beginning, I write about them and give them the ultimate respect. I wanted to squash all these misconceptions that I'm against jiu-jitsu, and I'm a jiu-jitsu traitor, and all this shit. It's incredible how things get twisted. ‘Oh he disrespected me and I dropped the gi.' I dropped the gi for jiu-jitsu, to make jiu-jitsu look better in the UFC. The UFC got me into jiu-jitsu; jiu-jitsu didn't get me into the UFC.

I'm throwing up after the event, we went 20 hard minutes, I'm so emotional; my mom is there, I'm crying, it was just crazy. After it was all done, I felt like I had to throw up. I'm throwing up on the side of a tent... I hear this voice behind me, ‘It's good that you said these things about my family.' I'm like who is this? I turn around, wipe throw up off my mouth and it's Royce Gracie, and he goes, ‘It's good that you're saying what you say because you used to talk shit about my family.' And then I get up and I'm like ‘Dude, I never talked shit on your family, who is telling you these lies?' And I go in my book, like I told him, my book in 2005, I thank you, and I'm pointing, I have my finger like, ‘I thank you. I thank Royler. I thank your father,' and he thought that was disrespectful, because I was like pointing at him, he goes ‘Don't point your finger at me! Don't disrespect me!' And he gets in my face like he wants to fight me, and Jean Jacques Machado, he separates us. Man, Royce Gracie wants to kick my ass? How cool is that!"
In honor of such an amazing match match which you need to see, we give you a great 10th Planet technique from Eddie's affiliate in Decatur, Alabama. Enjoy the moves and the matches!


  1. good stuff….I wouldn't say that Rafa "took it to Clark" though. Never quite secured the back and never had a chance to attempt a viable submission.

  2. That Lister/Babs match was really good.


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