Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Indian clubs have been around for centuries and for the average person, they are just wooden bowling pins. Originally, clubs originated in what would be known now as modern day Indian, Iran and Pakistan. The clubs, often made of stone or heavy woods, were used as a form of conditioning for battle. To this day men practice these ancient routines using bodyweight exercises and clubs. In India, Kushti wrestlers use clubs along with squats, pushups and yoga to supplement their training. In Iran, men practice in their local Zurkhaneh, or house of strength, using similar methods as the Kushti wrestlers. These forms of training go hand in hand with wrestling and martial combat and they also provide practitioners with a better quality of life. Take it from Pat Miletich, he knows what's up.

Proper mobility and tendon strength may be the two most important aspects of your everyday life. If you practice martial arts, in particular grappling those two aspects are essential to a well rounded game and a healthy future in your sport of choice.

The benefits of clubs go way beyond functional fitness and you can tailor them to your liking to include sport specific movements. Clubs much like kettlebells come in a variety of weights, shapes and sizes, although in my opinion the wood ones are by far the best. Depending on the size and weight of the club you can work your grip strength and endurance for use with the kimono. You can use them as a training aid for striking - they force you to keep your hands up and the point of origin is always chest level or higher. They are also great for rehabilitation and prehab, or the prevention of sports related injuries. Ensuring your have full range of motion with your joints and ligaments along with proper muscle and tendon strength, is a recipe for a healthy fit body.

Mr. Army McGuire breaks down several exercises you can do from the comfort of your couch, wheelchair or bathroom toilet.

In all seriousness, indian clubs are vital in my day-to-day workouts and they can benefit everyone, athletes or not, alike. Listen to Army, he is probably one of the foremost authorities on clubs in the United States and he is a life long martial artist as well.

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