Tuesday, April 8, 2014


All to often athletes and aficionados create a routine and mindset of continually building techniques and technical attributes like timing, speed, strength, power etc. It's not often that we take a step back and think or even practice the restorative aspects of martial arts. If you take a close look at most traditional martial or combative arts, they all contain restorative components that are taught and practiced along side the combative skills. Restorative practices can be found in sumo, Filipino Kali, Thai Boxing and many other arts. They help balance the strenuous forces and abuse put on the body. These practices can include pressure points, massage, yoga, stretching and special forms of water dousing or bathing.

As grapplers we put a tremendous amount of strain on our bodies especially on our small joints and tendons. Some of the most abused can be found in our hands and involve our grips. While most of the time our focus may be on building strength endurance for better grips, rehabilitating and restoring should be part of your training routine as well.

Take a look at John Bair's restorative treatments for all your gripping needs. His treatments will help you prehab and condition your body to perform at its highest level.

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