Thursday, May 22, 2014


Catch Wrestling Alliance Presents Rebirth of the Sport for the First Time in 100 Years in the United States at UCLA's John Wooden Center June 7th in Inaugural Catch Wrestling International Invitational - U.S.A. Vs. The World

Catch Wrestling is something I have held close to my heart for many years. Unfortunately, very few people get to experience the true essence of the sport and the art. All to often CACC get generalized into stereotypes of brutal guys with little skill who want to muscle submissions and crank people. While cranks and brutal subs art a part of the art, there is so much more, which includes a scientific approach to fighting and grappling. Typically we go on a rant here and give a brief history lesson, but quite frankly we don't have time for that.

What we do have time for is to announce an event that is the first of its kind here in the modern US. Life long martial artist, and avid catch wrestler, Raul Ramirez has established the Inaugural Catch Wrestling Alliance International Invitational that is taking place on June 7th.

“There hasn’t been an event like this in the United States in nearly 100 years. I’m proud to be part of the rebirth of real wrestling. It is every Catch Wrestler’s dream to see Catch Wrestling in the spotlight again. My goal is to reinstate legitimate catch wrestling competition globally. We can achieve this goal if we work together.” -Raul

Don't miss out on this great event and for more info check out the website and read more below!

Los Angeles, CA (May 20, 2014) – Catch Wrestling Alliance and Raul Ramirez, Event Producer, will present the Inaugural Catch Wrestling Alliance International Invitational – U.S.A. Versus The World, featuring 16 wrestlers from around the globe ushering in the rebirth of the professional sport of Catch Wrestling for the first time in 100 years in the United States.

The 16 wrestlers will include: Women U.S.A.: Colleen Schneider (of Syracuse, NY), Jennifer Thomas (of Van Nuys, CA) and Xochi Wilder (of Los Angeles, CA); Women Alberta, Canada: Brooklyn “Bully” Thomson; Men U.S.A.: Curran Jacobs (of Marina del Rey, CA), Kyle Johnson (of Torrance, CA), Christopher Morales (of Mission Hills, CA), Ned Morales (of Mission Hills, CA), Luis Ojeda (of San Diego, CA) and Jon Strickland (of Easley, South Carolina); Men International: Ian Bromley (of Manchester, England), Christopher Crossan (of the United Kingdom), Stephen Greenfield (of Cardiff, Wales), Adam Laporte (of Alberta, Canada), Amin Nazer (of England) and Malcolm Tisdale (of Alberta, Canada).

Awards presented to the winners of each match will be given in honor of a well-known Catch Wrestlers or Promoters. Awards will be presented by Catch Wrestling Authority and Historian, Mike Chapman, given in honor of former Catch Wrestlers: Martin “Farmer” Burns, Dick Cardinal, Frank Gotch, Karl Gotch, John Perretti (a promoter of The Contenders 1997), Billy Riley, Billy Robinson (March of the Night), Joe Stecher, Billy Wicks and Roy Wood, a head coach at Snake Pit Wigan in England, who will be in attendance.


  1. If someone actually wanted to read a brief history, where would they go to find one?

    1. This is a great article on the history of Catch


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