Monday, June 23, 2014


That's right.  We just did one of those mayor of "insert stupid joke here" city puns and we did it with total impunity. Literally, there is nothing you can do to us to get us to stop our shameless and suspect writing style.

You know what else can't be stopped?  You, getting wrist-locked by some random would-be wrist-lock master who's watched a few grainy YouTube videos  So, whether or not you want to attack the wrist or not, you need to know the basic ins and outs of the submission. And, what better way than by studying this incredible video on wrist-locks and Fredson Paixao's philosophy on them by none other than BJJ Hacks (these guys are very, very good). 

Here's an extra pointer - if you really wanna piss someone off (e.g., your wife and/or girlfriend, your grandmother), practice these locks on them in plain clothes and with no warning whatsoever. They will hate you for it.

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  1. Love it. Never can get enough wrist locks.


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