Tuesday, June 24, 2014


In a world where berimbolos and inverted guards were last weeks craze, techniques tend to fall by the wayside when the new trend approaches - aka the worm guard. If you missed last week's post about the worm (check it out here.)

If your familiar with 10th Planet JJ, you are well aware of the heavy use of rubber guard in place of regular closed guard. As 10thPJJ evolves, so have it's guard players (slowly evolving into long, lean flexible gumbys.) The rubberguard has continued to evolve for those gifted with freakish flexibility - Thus the creation of the Hindu control.

Ben Eddy, 10th Planet Purple sleeve, shows us not only how to sport an incredible face of hair, but also how to control your opponent using "Hindu Control." Ben shows us how he pulled off his Hindulotine at the Eddie Bravo Invitaional that took place a few weeks ago.

So, do we suggest attempting the rubber guard? - Only if you're willing to work on your flexibility. Start with the rubber guard, move to the meathook, and if you want a challenge yourself try hindu control. Even if this guard isn't you cup of tea, or acai, it's worth learning the technical aspects of Hindu Control.


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