Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Igor Yakimov is a legend in the Sambo world, and that's why we want to give him the attention he deserves today. Igor is a Master of Sports in Sambo, Judo World Champion, National Sambo Champion and he is head trainer of Sambo Canada and President of the United Federation of Russian Sambo (UFRS). His accomplishments in the sport are lengthly, and we suggest picking up his book or his DVD's if your impressed with the video below.

Recently, Igor hosted a Sambo clinic at Takahashi Martial Arts in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and he shows off some very fluid and dynamic grappling in the video below. Watch the vid, learn some Sambo history, and then watch Igor throw and lock his students with ease. Of course Igor generously shares a ton of leg locks intended to destroy first day students and White Belts - perfect for next time you hit the mats.

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  1. Love the lateral drop variations. Good ol' Sambo.


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