Monday, July 21, 2014


Ah, Luta Livre. Don't worry, we wont bore you with a LL History Lesson again. This time we go right to the heart of the art - attack and finish! It's no coincidence that  over the last few years Cacc influenced arts have hit the MMA circuit. Arts such as LL, Sambo or Catch itself continue their very slow creep into the mainstream. A laundry list of LL fighter have been making there way stateside and fighting in venues both small and large (Bellator.) Keep an eye out for even more hard nosed, submission fighters making there way to the ring or octagon.

Luta livre has two sporting aspects, the first appropriately named "esportiva" and the other "vale tudo." To generalize and simplify, for those not familiar with the art or the culture, one is submission grappling and the other "MMA." Today, LL master Netinho Natal, gives us some LL style attacks that work for both MMA and sub grappling. Take a look at Natal breaking down a series of brutal attacks from topside turtle position.

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