Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Xande Ribeiro is a World Class athlete and one of the best Jiujitsu players in the world. Despite being very accomplished, his game is rather simple and to the point. You don’t see Xande looking for berimbolos and it’s rare you see him even pull guard. Some might even call his game the advanced basics, with heavy emphasis on weight distribution, and sound positioning from the top or bottom.

The Ribeiro brothers have also utilized Judo cross training as an essential aspect of there training regime. Both brothers have trained in Judo since they were young, and Xande explains why cross training is so important. So when Xande or his brother speak, we listen. Take the next 21 minute, watch the video, take his words seriously, and start throwing bitches on their heads.

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  1. In judo no bitch is thrown anywhere.
    We throw a PARTNER or an OPPONENT on his BACK.
    If you have proper control and you are not an insane maniac, you'll never throw somebody on his head.
    Respect always comes first, whether you are writing or fighting.


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