Tuesday, September 9, 2014


What happens when arguably the best and most innovative grappler in the world faces off against, hands down, the most unique and colorful grappler of our day?  You get this nutty and also incredible match between Keenan Cornelius and Eduardo Telles.  I'm trying to think of a good analogy.  Maybe it's like Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso vs. The Pythagorean theorem.

What ensues is as beautiful and complex as it is confusing and frustrating.  Eduardo Telles is no stranger to making matches awkward, and he does plenty of that here.  Keenan, a young master of adaptability and creativity, is workmanlike in seeking out the weaknesses in Telles' turtle guard flow game.

If you know (and love) competitive Jiu Jitsu, you will appreciate the flexibility, grips, movement and subtly of this match.  If you want to hate, you're going to complain about this being the very example of the problems with modern BJJ (and you'll be wrong). 

Bravo to Keenan and the legend, Eduardo Telles.

[Notes:  2014 American National Black Belt Adult Male Medium Heavy Final]


  1. I just feel that these shows of skill work far better as flashes of brilliance when needed in a match played out in regular format. For instance Jeff Glover can do incredible things but when nothing gets done its kind of boring.

  2. Watching this just makes me feel fat and inflexible. Glad I'm not a sub-heavyweight :P


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