Monday, October 6, 2014


OK.  Sure. There's the Keenan of it all and that's always a great great story.  He was pretty amazing all the way to the final in the open class at 20154 No-Gi Worlds versus an equally amazing and larger Yuri Simoes.  You will like this match, we guarantee it (as if that means anything). 

But, Gabi.  The phenom that she is.  Hated by some.  Ridiculed by others (how dare they).  And, revered and feared by us.  She is a true work of art and a gift to BJJ.  Watch her absolutely destroy Mackenzie Dern in what looks very much like a playful wrestling match between a parent and his/her 6 year-old child.  Except for the Americana.  That part is brutal.

Overall, this was probably the best No-Gi Worlds we've seen since its inception.  If you've been keeping track the No-Gi Worlds have had a slow start.  That's largely because most believed (and still believe) ADCC to be the true best-of-the-best competition in the world of sans gi.  Originally, many of the world champs from the gi world were absent in the competition, but we are seeing more and more of the world's best competing now.  Props to No-Gi Worlds and the elite grapplers who competed in it.

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