Thursday, October 2, 2014


Grip strength - For a grappler it would akin to a boxers legs. When a boxer gets hurt or as they age, their legs are some of the first things to go. Superior hand strength is not only for sport, but for your everyday life as well. Unlike your 1000 kipping pull-ups a day, working on your grip is actually functional and important in your day to day life. As we age and arthritis sets in, the hands tend to get the brunt of punishment. Strength training, dynamic tension and stretching are all essential parts of training, but few focus their efforts on the hands.

As a grappler and martial artist, my hands get beat up. In the kimono, they get crushed, torn, twisted and bent in ways that should not happen. At the end of a long training session my fingers ache, sometimes for days. What helps, is pre-hab and continual work on gripping. I make an effort everyday to stretch my fingers, wrists an forearms as well as use both static and dynamic exercises to increase strength and endurance.

Today, check out Guy Pendergrass and some of his old school Judo exercises for BJJ grip strength. Make an effort to do these at least once a week in conjunction with your other hand exercises and you will not only improve your game, but also your overall health and well being.

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