Monday, October 13, 2014


The Eddie Bravo Invitational 2.0 took place this past Friday night in Hollywood, Ca. The sequel consisted of two 16 man brackets, the first at 135lbs and the second 155lbs. Competitors hailed from some of best teams in the country (7 of which came from 10Planet Schools) they include Cobrina, Zenith, Renzo, Baret, Couture, Atos, JJ Machado, Cobra Kai and many more (over 25 in all.)

If you missed the first EBI, matches are 10 minutes long and based on submission only. If there is a draw at the end of 10 minutes the matches go into overtime - which can consist of up to 3 periods. In these periods a competitor must choose to start in a disadvantageous position - in full arm bar catch (spider web) or full back pack (over under with hooks in.) You can win via submission or by having the fastest escape from those positions.

In the end Geo Martinez defeats Fabio Passo via calf-slicer to win the EBI 135 lbs. title, and fellow 10th Planer cohort Denny Prokopos had the quickest escapes versus Nathan Orchard to capture lightweight title. Both men had four matches each and Denny had two RNC’s, a twister and a quick escape overtime finish. Geo finished all four of his matches via submission which included a heel hook, RNC, and two calf locks.

The entire event was a success from a viewers POV and we can't wait for more. On that note we were a little disappointed with the lack of illegal footage from the event, but we assure your we will post them as soon as we find them!

The next EBI is slated for February and as usually it will more than entertain us!

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