Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As usual, we are here to give you the recap of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Metamoris 5. On the card we had Maxwell v Tonnen, Shields v Satoshi, Vinny v Diniz, JT v Rory, Yuri v Keenan and finally Saku v Renzo. As  you can see, this was another All-Star line up of grapplers, some of who have standing rivalries with each other. Overall it was a good card, but in some aspects it was disappointing. Of course at the highest level of any sports (especially combat sports) opponents often nullify each other, and styles do make the best fights. Unfortunately, this card only had one submission in it and the rest went to draw.

Maxwell v Tonnen - in typical fashion, Tonnen brought the power of his handlebar mustache to the mats and kept Maxwell in harms way the entire fight. He locked up heel hook after heel hook and finished Maxwell in the end.

Shields v Satoshi - The very tricky and technical Satoshi was not able to implement his game. He found himself on his back with Shields riding out top position using his pressure game. This match ends in a disappointing draw.

Vinny v Diniz - We have been long time fans of Vinny and he is undoubtedly one of the best grapplers in the world. We were a little disappointed with his last match with Keenan and we were hoping for an entertaining match with Marcello Garcia Brown Belt Diniz. It turned out to be just the opposite. Both men showed good standup grappling and Vinny decided to pull guard and go to work (kind of.) He did not push his attacks or sweeps hard and only threatened Diniz once from rubber guard. The rest of the match showed Diniz stuffing Vinny and almost passing guard with some very technical movements. It ended in a disappointing draw. I think we need to find a replacement for Vinny in the next Metamoris - in our book 2 strikes and your out.

JT v Rory - JT is another one of our favorite grapplers and of course Rory hails from the UFC and the famous Tristar Gym. We are glad that Metamoris has kept MMA fighters in the mix, it answers a lot of the questions that we have all had about the grappling within other fighting arts. Anyway, Rory stayed on his heels (aka his ass) for most of the match with JT passing guard with ease and setting up some very nasty figure four arm locks, all of which Rory powered out of. In the end it was another draw, but the winner was clearly JT.

Yuri v Keenan - This is a round three rematch for these rivals and this time it was in the kimono. As of late Yuri has hit the competition scene with some very impressive performances. This fight we saw both men consistently attacking and countering each other. This was by far the most technical match of the evening and it ended in another draw.

Saku v Renzo - This was the headliner we have been waiting 14 years for. Both men stepped on the mat ready for war and surprisingly they both looked in very good shape. I for one was worried about Saku's long hiatus from training and maybe a few to many beers and cigarettes would effect his comeback. Fortunately that wasn't the case. Renzo and Saku spent some solid time on their feet countering each other, with Saku having the slight advantage with several single leg shot attempts. He caught a beautiful low single to dump Renzo, but he did not pounce and capitalize. Once the fight hit the ground we saw Renzo lock his guard and attempt several static attacks, but it was far from what we were used to. Renzo has a very aggressive bottom game and a great butterfly and halfguard which we didn't get to see. Saku postured and hand fought and sat patiently waiting to strike, similar to how he had done in MMA for so many years. At one point, Saku postured out of guard and locked up a cradle, Renzo countered and dumped Saku to his back where he remained for the rest of the match. Renzo showed intense top pressure, but little if any attacks from top. The nerve racking, slow paced fight ended in a draw, with Renzo stating that he previously had a knee injury which forced him to limit his attacks and stall. I wouldn't mind seeing either of these men fighting on the mat again and in the end Metamoris was successful, but not nearly as exciting as previous events.

We do have to note that this is the second Metamoris event with a catch wrestler on the card, the last one being Barnett and this time Saku. We can only hope to see some more high level matches with Cacc practitioners and maybe more of both men. We will also keep our fingers crossed for more Glover, Tonnon, and JT and much less of Casey, Vinny and Shields.

Until next time grapplers!


  1. How about a Copa Podio breakdown, since Metamoris looks to be moving to more of a sem-kimono format, while CP is more gi?

  2. Why less Shields? I get it that he didn't attack for a finish like Tonon does but he continually passed the guard and dominated. How is he getting hate for that performance especially since he didn't even know who his opponent was!?

  3. Where you at, DSTRYR? WE NEED ANSWERS. :)


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