Wednesday, January 21, 2015


For many years we have been entertained and enlightened by fellow grappling blogger Aesopian. He has evolved his passion for the sport from blog posts to video tutorials, and over the past few years books and e-pubs. Aesopian, aka Matt is a BJJ Blackbelt under Gracie Barra's Eduardo de Lima and co-founder of Artechoke media.

Today, he takes an in depth look at the father of the fancy guards, The Berimbolo. Matt details some common problems and some old and new school comparisons and troubleshooting for the system. Despite whether you like the Berimbolo or not, your should at least learn the basics behind it. This video is great for both beginners wanting to experiment with the technique or even those of you who may already use it.

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  1. Matt is the man. Technical and patient instructor. I would have never started jiu jitsu without him.