Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Well, do you?  Because it seems like maybe you don't and that's a shame. 

Polaris is a new and very cool professional grappling competition straight outta the UK.  The first event will be held in Cardiff (somewhere in Wales) on 10 January 2015, which is British for January 10. The relevant rules are simple: 15-minute matches, sub only/no points.  The matchups are absolutely sick: Keenan x Marte, Lister x Popovich, Fowler x Telles ... and that's just naming a few that peaked our interest.  For the full lineup, go here.

Bottom line - you want to watch this event.  You need to.  It's all that Metamoris has been, only with fancy accents and slang terms we're unfamiliar with. 

You can get the PPV stream (click here) for £15, which is something like $230.  Just kidding, it's $22.73.  America!

Now, get hyped on Gary Tonen x Marcin Held.

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