Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Oil on canvas by Richard Caton Woodville, 1914

It's been a few days, grapplers.  And, you deserve to witness one of our era's very best doing what he does best.  I won't weigh in on the level of competition Andre faced at this year's Eurpoeans.  It doesn't matter.  The highlights below of Galvao's matches leading to his double gold victory, to me, contain everything that Jiu Jitsu is and should be. 

Galvao is the complete BJJ package.  The dude is fast, athletic, powerful and fearless in competition.  He improvises and displays sophistication in his technique.  But, he's also simply savvy and his timing is spot on.  This is great and hopefully very motivational stuff for all.

[Side note:  What the hell is that ridiculous sweep he pulls off at 3:35?  Amazing.]


  1. Wow. He tore through that. That is some impressive stuff. Thanks for posting.

    Also congrats to my professor Megaton Dias on his performance there.

    Thanks Dstryr for posting the stuff you do.

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