Friday, March 13, 2015


It's exciting to see the grappling world evolve and grow faster than ever. Currently we have reached a point where money is starting to be injected into the sport, and athletes can make a living (at least kind of) off of competing and teaching. Polaris, Copa Podio, Metamoris have all been great contributors over the past two years to make grappling less of a niche and more mainstream. This growth has lead to an undeniable amount of creativity and integration of techniques, styles and ideas. We see lots of styles in competition with the vast majority being in BJJ, and as popular as grappling is in the U.S, the art of Luta Livre is still relatively unknown. Now, I will skip the history lesson since we have covered this topic many times before, and we can focus on the beauty of this Brazilian Art. Luta Livre and in particular Renovação Fight Team (RFT) has been at the forefront of submission grappling and MMA for many years, and they continue to grow and share their unique approach to submission grappling and fighting.

Today, we have Luta Livre Black Belt Nico Welko from the RFT Deutschland showing us a variety of open guard attacks in a something he likes to call his "Carioca Leglocks Series". As alway watch, learn and grow!


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